About DorothyClaire Crystals & Healing

I love crystals, rocks and stones. I love the way that they look, and feel, and sound. Yes, I hear them. I hear their lovely voices - some chatter, others seem to sing. Each one has its own personality and, like us, its own purpose here on Earth. They are here to help us along on our journey as a divine being experiencing the physical trials of being in a human body. Their energy is here to give us that extra boost, whether it's to help us raise our vibration, or to get through the week at work. They help us to be calmer, more intuitive, understanding, grounded, forgiving - you name it, there's a crystal just waiting to help you.

I'm blessed to have been asked to assist the crystals to complete their journey to those who would be helped by their presence in their lives, mostly through our jewlery creations. Each crystal instructs me as to exactly how the wire is to be wrapped around them, as this acts as an antenna to upgrade their energy flow, kind of like going from 3G to 4G. Each wrapped crystal is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation whose sole purpose is to interact, bond and assist us. Some crystals and stones are converted into beads, cabachons or other decorative pieces. They are the building blocks for bracelets, earrings and other fun pieces, and their healing energy is as strong as a raw or tumbled crystal. Bracelets are a great way to wear healing crystals and stones near your pulse points, and earrings are in the right place for your throat, third eye and crown chakra energy points. Pendants can be worn high for your throat chakra, mid-chest for heart chakra, and even lower for the solar plexus chakra. And, you can always carry a few in your pockets for that ever important grounding.

Every crystal that I work with has given their permission to become a beautiful creation, which is the first step on its journey to meet its new person. As I work with them, I channel loving, healing Reiki energy into each one. This helps the crystal make the transition, as well as sending healing and love to the person whom the crystal adopts. Because, no matter what, it's all about love!